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I am a UK-based Interior Designer…

While I physically practice in the Cambridgeshire and West Suffolk areas I deliver my eDesign services globally with a focus on the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

I was born in Canada…

My parents are first-generation Canadians having emigrated from Europe. I share their adventurous spirit, and have had the opportunity to travel, live and work extensively overseas. I also share their dedication to hard work, love of music, literature and art, and passion for finding ways to better myself and enrich the lives of those around me.

It is because of this, I am told, that I have a unique perspective and approach to design. I believe that great designers sit at the confluence of who people are and what they aspire to be on the one hand, and the spaces they inhabit and how those spaces can be used, both now and in the future, on the other.

It is about finding complete balance and harmony.

…She is extremely knowledgeable…

She is extremely knowledgeable from the building plan stage straight through to choosing paint colours. We did a complete renovation and addition, basically a new house. My husband and I were very green through this entire process. Andrea was right there at every turn to guide us, help us make decisions, give advice, you name it. Having her in our corner really took the weight off our shoulders.

It goes without saying Andrea has a great eye for detail. Throughout the project, especially when there were bumps along the road as there inevitably are, Andrea was able to problem solve and come up with quick solutions along the way. Moments like those make you really appreciate her breadth of knowledge.

She was also great at communicating with us and the contractor. This made the process go so much smoother. Without a doubt we wouldn’t be living in our dream home right now if we had not hired Andrea. Whether you have a small project or an entire house build there’s no question working with Andrea was the best decision we made!”


…I was struggling with ideas as to how to update my tiny 1960’s bathroom…

I wanted an industrial look, at the same time keeping it feminine… and didn’t know where to begin. Andrea listened carefully, fully understood and had an immediate grasp of what I wanted. She recommended alternative styles and what could be achieved with different budgets. I’m thrilled with the result, beautiful, stylish and thanks to some very clever design ideas it now feels spacious!”


..efficient decision-making…

Made to Last Custom Homes has had the pleasure of working with Andrea Burrell on many of our award-winning projects. We have always been impressed with her designs and whole-heartedly recommend her to our clients and others. Our team resonates with her design aesthetic and we appreciate how she always considers how her ideas are achievable from a construction perspective. Andrea’s key gifts that set her apart are her efficient decision-making and capacity to stick to a client’s schedule and budget. This is particularly valuable in light of the supply chain issues the construction world has recently seen. We look forward to working with her again on future projects!


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